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    Handicapped accessories for the bathroom

    Handicapped accessories for the bathroom


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    Do you have a loved one or need for handicapped accessories in the bathroom? There are many different kinds of items in your local pharmacy. If they can’t help you, they can redirect you to someone who can. ?You can get on the Internet and type in the search engines the keyword handicap equipment; look around there is something for everybody to make his or her life a little easier and safer.


    Does your loved one have a hard time using the bathroom stool? ?Sometimes getting up and down is hard for them, especially if it is lower than 17 inches. Head to your local pharmacy and ask them to boost your bathroom stool. Making the stool higher will help with back problems, leg problems making is easier for the to sit down and again to get up. You can add handrails to make it easier yet. Some handrails are portable and can be removed when they are no longer needed. ?Be sure they are screwed into the floor to keep them from moving when in use.


    Bath time can be a chore for your loved one to do on their own if they need to hang onto something. The tub can really cause a problem when your loved one can’t get up and down or step high enough to get into it. How about using a lift chair for them? All they have to do is sit in it and hit a button and it will lift them up and into the water. There are also manual lifts to help take them from the wheel chair into the tub. The manual lift takes up a lot of space but very nice because it can be used in others areas as well like lifting from their chair to the bed or another chair. One person can control this manual chair by putting the cloth swing into the wheelchair and setting the patient on it. Than there is a bar on wheels that you wheel over them and hook the mat on, crank the bar up and swing them over into the tub. No lifting and your loved one can relax in the tub. ?Taking them out is just a simple just reversing the process.


    Sometimes showers are easier for you and the loved one to get into. You can also install a walk-in shower to make life easier. There is to stepping in and out just walk in. These come in many sizes to accommodate your needs from small walk in to stand in to large enough to put a wheel chair in them. With the wheel chair size just push or wheel them in and they can shower sitting down. ?


    Shower chairs are sometimes used for that hard to take shower. Some people can’t stand long enough to shower or they are too weak to stand and shower. The shower chair is great for this. Some of the shower chairs have holes in the seat for the water to run through, some have arms for them to hang onto even wheels can be put on them to help move them around. ?Shower chairs are nice with wheels on them; you can move yourself around in or out of the shower with no assistance. Whenever someone can be as independent as possible and safe at the same time, it makes him or her feel better.


    You can also add a showerhead in your shower to make life easier. If the showerhead is on a hose it can be taken down to make things even easier to wash. The chair doesn’t have to be pushed up so close to the shower wall just stretch out the hose. Some people as they get older are scared to have that water spraying on them sometimes into their eyes. ?Using the hose keeps the water out of their face and they feel more secure and safe.


    Remember making the bathroom safe and easier for you or your loved one makes life a lot easier for everyone.

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